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Protect Your Children Online and Offline

Install HT Parental Controls and protect all your family members both when online and offline. With plenty of features ranging from website blocking and time controls to screen capture and email reporting the program will be your reliable assistant. Keep your kids safe on the Internet. Filter content and block all inappropriate websites and applications with HT Parental Controls. Unlike other programs, we didn't stop at blocking but supplied our program with every possible monitoring feature giving you full access to what's going on your computer.

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HT Parental Controls

Website Limiting

Time Controls

Log of Visited Websites

Parental Controls Features

Website Monitoring and Blocking

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The software monitors all traffic and filter Internet content. Use our predefined content categories, lists of allowed and banned websites and keywords to establish what is allowed on the Web and what is not. Set up time limits and off-limits hours for certain sites to limit the time your kids can spend on time wasters like social networks, Facebook or Youtube, video games, chats, etc.

HT Parental Controls records all traffic providing you with detailed reports of each visited website. The feature works on all popular browsers independently of browser history. Having a log of visited websites allows you to be sure that inappropriate content does not reach your child and lets you know what additional sites you may wish to block.

Application Monitoring and Blocking

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View a log of all launched applications. HT Parental Controls provides detailed reports how many hours were spent on each program, history of usage and many more. In such a way, you can easily learn what your children are doing on the computer. Use this function to block IMs, games and any unwanted software. Choose programs to block from the list of popular applications or add a custom application located on your PC. Selected programs will be completely blocked while others can be used without restrictions.

Keystroke Monitoring

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Parents need to protect their child from all dangerous. All typed keystrokes are recorded to protect your child from the negative impact of communication with potentially dangerous strangers. Our keylogger works quietly in the background without being detected. Unlike other software that simply dumps all of the data into a messy file, HT Parental Controls provides a clean interface to view a keystroke log along with other useful data.

Time Controls

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With our parental time control software, you can easily control how much time your child can spend on the computer. Maybe you prefer that your children be on the computer only before bedtime. Maybe you want to lock users out after 9 pm. Whatever the case may be, you can do it with time controls. You can set up daily and weekly limits, limits for each day of the week or a limit on the maximum number of hours. Once the allowed time is reached, HT Parental Controls automatically turns off the PC. The software prevents users from time and date changing, so you can rest assured the computer is only allowed when you say so.

More Features

Screenshot Capturing

When capturing keyboard is not enough, screenshots will make everything clear. We understand that a picture can sometimes be worth a thousand keystrokes. This is why screenshot capturing is so important. The program silently captures the screen once per minute, allowing you to view the history of screenshots in thumbnails or in full-screen mode.

Individual User Settings

The software allows you to set different control levels for given users. You can enable monitoring, website and application filters, time controls, and windows security permissions on an individual basis to tailor restrictions. Create unique security settings that are age-appropriate for each child in your family.

Remote Reporting

With this unique feature, you can get email reports with logs as frequent as every hour. It is not necessary to have physical access to the monitored computers. Whether you are far away from home or simply want to monitor your kids from another PC, remote reporting will allow you to monitor the computer from anywhere.

Strong Protection

We paid extra attention to protection in our software. With built-in password protection, stealth mode, and user access permissions, HT Parental Controls is fortified against bypassing. The software allows you to prevent access to certain Windows functions, such as Control Panel, Registry Editor and other system tools to add an extra layer of protection. The app lets you restrict even users with administrative rights.

Stealth Mode

Designed to run silently in background HT Parental Controls protects but does not disturb. Running in stealth mode HT Parental Controls silently works without being detected. This is not only an excellent way to hide the software but also serves as an excellent means of security. Since users cannot detect that they are being monitored, they will to be trying to circumvent the parental controls.

Easy to Install and Use

HT Parental Controls is very easy for parents to install and configure. We design the software in a way that less computer experienced parents will find easy to understand. The software can be installed in less than a minute and has an easy, intuitive interface. In addition, we provide complete instruction manual that explains every feature clearly. Don't forget our TOLL-FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT if you need help.

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Complete Monitoring

Get full access to everything what happens on your kid's computer and protect your children while they browse the Internet or chat online.

All Browsers and Languages

The software supports all major browsers and blocks inappropriate websites and keywords regardless of language.

Email Reports

There is no annual or monthly fee. Get email reports with a detailed log as often and as long as you need.

Constant Updates

We always strive to ensure that our software meets the current needs of our customers. All updates major and minor are free.


Extraordinary software. I tried many parental programs and not one met my needs. My son always found ways to get around the bans. HT Parental Controls is strong enough. It works great. Exclusive for my son. Thank you!

David Giles

I like it. It allows me to monitor my kids so I'm not worried about them while they're using the computer. I set time controls to make them do their homework. I'm impressed with the software and recommend it to all parents.

Anna Lopes

I have used it for quite some time. HT Parental Controls does not slow down internet speed. It's simple and has many features. It reduces the friction involved with being a parent. I was lucky to find you. You are the best i can say with dead certainty =)

Frankie Lan

How It Works

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1. Download and Install

Purchase and start using the software in a few minutes. Download and install HT Parental Controls on the computer you want to monitor.

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2. Set up Filters

Specify what is allowed on your computer and what is not. Set up Website and Application Filters and Time Controls.

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3. Monitor Activity Invisibly

The software begins monitoring and controlling computer activities immediately after the installation working invisibly in the background.

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4. View Reports

Get email reports with all recorded logs or view them locally in the software. No PC experience is required.

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