How to block a website in Firefox

You may block a website in Firefox for many reasons. Here is an easy and free way to block a website in Firefox. However, it has serious disadvantages.

How to block a website in Firefox using the Hosts file

You can easily block access to a website by adding it to your Hosts file. The location of the hosts file depends on your operation system.
Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Note! Make a backup of the hosts file and put it somewhere safe, in case you mess up.

1. Open the Hosts file in a text editor.
2. Find the line localhost
3. To block a website in Firefox, for example,, add this text under the line localhost:
4. Save and close the Hosts file.
5. Reboot your computer.
6. Try to open in Firefox.

How to block a website in Firefox using HT Employee Monitor

1. Download and install HT Employee Monitor.
2. Open the program.
3. From the Controls menu click Website Blocking.
4. Click the Add button near the Banned Websites box.
5. Enter the website address you want to block or a keyword, for example youtube
6. Click Apply.

Block website in Chrome

HT Employee Monitor has many other features that you may find useful. The program allows you to:

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