Block all websites except Whitelist

Blocking content is the most necessary and important function of parental control and security software. There are two ways how you can block unwanted content with whitelist and blacklist of websites.

Whitelist lets you protect your children from inappropriate content by automatically blocking all pages of any website that is not in your list of allowed websites. It requires work at the beginning when you add websites to the whitelist but guarantees maximum protection and reduces the level of dangerous to minimum. White list is ideal for children under 10-11 years because it is the reliable way of controlling which websites are opened in a web browser. It also can be used to turn off completely all traffic o n your computer.

Blacklist on the contrary allows all websites except those listed in it. You can add websites or keywords which determine whether a website is untrusted or not. This way is more suitable for older children whose parents want to protect their children without giving them the feeling that they are “over-controlled”. However it can not guarantee 100 % safety. In the case of using the blacklist we recommend tracking website activity to detect inappropriate content that was not blocked and then add it to blacklist.
Usually parental control programs allow switch between whitelist and blacklist modes so you can either use the blacklist or the whitelist.

Unfortunately whitelist can not be set up with the Hosts file or with browser settings. We also do not recommend using programs without password protection. Test the program yourself to be sure your children can not bypass the filter. Take in mind that there are a lot of ways to bypass unreliable filters and you can easily find them in the Internet, many of programs also can not be set for users with administrator rights.

If you're thinking of setting up the reliable whitelist for your home or office, HT Parental Controls can offer you some clues.

How to block all websites except Whitelist with HT Parental Controls

Let us introduce how to set up whitelist filter using Parental Controls, the professional parental control software:

1. Download and install HT Parental Controls.
2. On the Controls menu click Website Blocking.
3. Click the Add button near the Allowed Websites list.
5. Enter a website address or keyword you want to be allowed. For example: or wikipedia.
6. Click OK.
7. Enter all websites you want to be allowed.
8. Select the Only allow the websites listed above checkbox.
9. Click Apply.

Note: If the Only allow the websites listed above checkbox is not selected then the whitelist works as the list of allowed websites. Allowed Websites (Exceptions) enable you to allow websites that would be normaly blocked.

HT Parental Controls provides you four directions to control your children:

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